What We Wish We Could Tell You

“What we wish we could tell you…” is something many of us think and feel during every day interactions with one another. Some of us have professions where we are unable to be fully transparent with our clients. Some of us have helpful information to share but are more introverted or simply aren’t interested in confrontation. Whatever the case, most of us have access to information that would be most helpful to others – if we could find a forum to share it anonymously. The internet is a fabulous way to do this!

This site is dedicated to sharing our truths with one another with the purpose of assisting each other through the many pathways in this crazy maze we call “life.”  You are welcome and encouraged to share your truth with us and we will post it in the appropriate category so that it will be easy to find. Used car salesman who wants to share some tips? Cool. We’ll post it under “Automobiles.” Fed-up server who can help us to be a better patron (and get better service, in exchange)? Awesome. Teacher who wishes parents and students knew a certain insight that could improve their education? Let’s get this information out there! Dentists who can share meaningful examples of the benefits of flossing, best toothpastes  – or other truths? Let’s go!

We will vet these posts for blatant advertisers so if you’re on here trying to market a specific product, NO. That will not happen for you, here.

We are all here for a reason and each one of us has some knowledge that can be useful to others. Share it here. And while you’re visiting, we hope you find some truths that are helpful to you, as well.